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Written by on Monday, October 28, 2013
3 Angels Jewelry

Designed by Colleen Olson

I am excited to showcase a line of jewelry that you may not have seen before. The line is called 3 Angels Jewelry and it is designed and hand crafted by artist Colleen Olson. Colleen began creating jewelry thirteen years ago in Evergreen, Colorado, and named the line in honor of her three children. 3 Angels Jewelry has a distinctive look, because each piece is one of a kind. Many of the pieces feature leather mixed wtih pewter, sterling, turquoise and other semi precious stones.  3 Angels Jewelry was featured in the Crow's Nest Trading catalog for several years, and can also be found in many resorts, upscale boutiques, and high end Western stores throughout the country.

For the last few years Colleen Olson has worked closely with her good friend Lynn Gerber, the designer of Eternal Perspective Handbags. Many of the Eternal Perpsective handbags include a beautiful 3 Angels beaded bracelet that can be used as a tassel on the handbag or worn separately. In fact, I discovered 3 Angels Jewelry because of the beautiful bracelets included with the handbags. I was excited to find out that there is an entire line of jewelry including necklaces, beaded bracelets, cuffs, and earrings. 3 Angels Jewelry offers something for everyone, from delicate beaded bracelets and necklaces for those who prefer a simple look, to leather necklaces and cuffs for those who like to make a bold statement!

As you can see in the photos below, 3 Angels Jewelry is great for layering! The necklaces are available in several different lengths and feature a variety of fun charms including crosses, feathers, and angel wings. I love the idea of wearing several of the beaded bracelets on one wrist and a bold leather cuff on the other as shown in two of the photos. However, the best news of all is that 3 Angels Jewelry is affordable ! The prices for the necklaces start at $38 and many of them are below $100. The bracelets are $18 - $49, and the earrings are $22 - $78. You can put together a fabulous look without spending a fortune!

Visit the Living Free by EP Esty Store to see a wide selection of brand new 3 Angels Jewelry. They will even create a custom piece for you! Visit the Eternal Perspectives website if you are interested in placing a wholesale order.

3 Angels Jewelry by Colleen Olson 3 Angels Jewelry by Colleen Olson 3 Angels Jewelry by Colleen Olson

Christin Miller is a strategic marketing consultant and the creator of the Maverick Style website. Christin provides manufacturers, designers, and specialty retailers with the expertise and guidance needed to optimize marketing strategies, increase sales, attract new customers, and expand brand awareness.


0 #4 Maverick Style 2014-01-18 14:21
Thank you for your comments Gail! 3 Angels Jewelry is fashionable and affordable! And you are right! It looks great with any kind of outfit!
+1 #3 Gail R. Tran 2013-12-20 05:13
Wow! I am totally impressed! Those are really gorgeous jewelries! Love the idea of layered necklaces. I also love the bold leather cuff. These jewelries look really fashionable and they can also go with any type of outfit.
0 #2 Maverick Style 2013-11-18 16:11
I agree with you Maria! The jewelry is very pretty and also very affordable! 3 Angels Jewelry would make a wonderful gift for the holidays or anytime!
+1 #1 Maria Norcia Santill 2013-10-29 15:14
Very nice and excellent price points too! ~M