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Written by on Monday, August 26, 2013
Double D Ranch Fall 2013

The Dream Visions Collection

The Double D Ranch Fall 2013 clothing collection is arriving in stores now, and as always, it is rich in color, pattern, and graphic detail. Double D Ranch designer Cheryl McMullen always has specific design inspirations for her clothing collections. For the Fall 2013 Collection, Cheryl was inspired to retreat from our nonstop digital age and escape to a dream world of ancient earth-rooted fantasy. The result of her "design vision quest" is the Double D Ranch "Dream Visions" Collection. The fantasy world that Cheryl has created is divided into three distinct dreams: Kachina Spirit, Spider Woman, and Ghost Dancer.

The "Kachina Spirit Collection" revolves around Hopi and Pueblo culture's cosmology and religious ceremonies. Cheryl found inspiration in the actual kachina dolls themselves, and developed a color palette of southwest blanket hues. The patterns and silouettes represent folkloric aesthetics mixed with ethnic patterns and layers of natural fabrics revolving around Pueblo pottery motifs, Hopi jewelry, and spirit dancer imagery. The Warriors Dream Jacket, Sunrise Prayer Tee, and Night Horizons Skirt (left) exemplify the rich color palette and ethnic patterns of the "Kachina Spirit Collection", and are also some of my favorite pieces in the collection.

The "Spider Woman Collection" acknowledges the talented gift of spinning and weaving of the Navajo deity of the same name. The color palette features dusky purples, earthly blues, simple greens, and dirt-like browns. This collection's textiles and graphics are influenced by traditional weavings, old pawn jewelry, and classic Navajo dress, with velvet as a key fabrication. The Turquoise Cuffs Top (center) is a comfortable and stylish representation of this collection. The Blue Coyote colored top is accented with cuffs of faux turquoise stones, silver embroidery, and antique silver studs.

The "Ghost Dance Collection" pays tribute to the brave Native American people who believed that the ghost dance would bring a peaceful end to white expansion, and bring peace, prosperity and unity to all native peoples. The color palette is a combination of the palettes for the two other collections with a strong emphasis on old regime military decorative trim featuring a full range of metallic tones. The combination of decadent regalia with symbolic Native American costume produces new romantic graphics and silhouettes for the Fall 2013 season. The How the West Was Lost Jacket is a stunning representation of this collection with its chic miltary styling, coppery gold seed bead embroidery, and gold eagle buttons.

To see more of the Fall 2013 "Dream Visions" Collection, visit the Double D Ranch website. You can also find the Double D Ranch Fall Collection at fine retailers across the country, including Cowgirl Kim, Smith and Western, and Missouri Bluffs.

Double D Ranch Dreams of Wounded Knee Jacket Double D Ranch Turqoise Cuffs Top Double D Ranch How The West Was Lost Jacket

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