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Written by on Tuesday, October 05, 2010
Teton Basket Originals by Diane Witcher

Reflecting the Beauty of Wyoming

I came across Diane Witcher's unique rustic baskets when I visited Trailside Galleries in Jackson, Wyoming a few weeks ago. I was very impressed with the quality of weaving, along with the natural elements that she uses to decorate her baskets. Each of Diane Witcher's baskets is a handmade work of art.

Diane is a rare Wyoming native who has spent most of her life living and working outdoors. While hiking in the Devils Tower area, Diane discovered a whitetail deer antler, laying in the fashion the deer had shed it. The antler inspired her original basket design, and ever since, she has used mule deer, elk, and moose antlers in her basket art. Several different colors and textures are woven into each basket, and make her unique style even more appealing. Frequently, she incorporates Indian beadwork to relate an ancient story through her more "modern" art.

Trailside Galleries has a wonderful selection of Diane Witcher's baskets. However, if you can't get to Jackson right away, you can see several of her baskets on their website. Showcased below is an extra large basket featuring moose antlers, gray grass, green willow, date palm and willow ($1150), and small basket featuring a carved whitetail deer antler (notice the image of a bear), tan dogwood, and green willow ($250). Any of Diane's spectacular baskets would bring a touch of rustic elegance to your home or office.

Visit the Trailside Galleries website to see more of Diane's distinctive handmade baskets.

Diane Witcher Basket featuring Moose Antlers, Gray Grass, Green Willow, Date Palm and Willow Diane Witcher Basket featuring a carved whitetail deet antler, tan dogwood and green willow


0 #2 2010-10-06 11:37
Thanks so much for your comment Bobbi. Her baskets are really beautiful, and even better in person!
0 #1 2010-10-06 11:17
Leave it to Trailside Gallery and Christin to find such wonderful work! Thank you for bringing Diane Witcher's art baskets to our attention. They are extra special and deserving of your spotlight!