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Written by on Friday, July 23, 2010
Silver Creations Jewelry

Selections from Blue Sky

I love the jewelry from Silver Creations from the Southwest, and it is one of my favorite jewelry lines. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Silver Creations is owned by Gundi, a woman with an eye for beauty and a love of jewelry. Silver Creations takes great pride in every piece of their handcrafted jewelry, many of which are unique designs, never to be reproduced.

Artist David Troutman, well known for his extraordinary silverwork, has worked in collaboration with Gundi for more than twelve years. Much of David's work reflects Hispanic religious art, Celtic, Impressionism, Victorian, and Art Deco influences. In addition to being a master metalsmith, he is an expert lapidary. In an age of mass produced jewelry, David's handmade pieces are unusual and of extremely high quality and workmanship.

I was very excited to find a wonderful selection of Silver Creations jewelry on the Blue Sky website. Blue Sky is an upscale boutique owned by Cody Walker in Refugio, Texas. In addition to their wide selection of jewelry, they also carry women's apparel, accessories, and boots.

Featured below are several gorgeous pieces of Silver Creations jewelry, including (in the photo, left), a turquoise link bracelet ($655), coral heart clip earrings ($279), turquoise clip earrings ($295), coral drop earrings ($259), a turquoise cuff bracelet ($295), a five strand turquoise necklace ($195), and a turquoise heart pendant ($295).

The collection on the right features a cross pendant with amber, turquoise, and peridot stones ($490), an amber necklace ($90), an amber and spiny oyster ring (top - $212), a three strand turquoise necklace ($175), an amber pendant with turquoise drops ($535), a turquoise and amber necklace ($175), a spiny oyster ring (bottom - $192), and turquoise clip earrings ($295). I love turquoise mixed with coral, spiny oyster, and amber! I wish I could add all of these pieces to my jewelry collection!

Visit the Blue Sky website to see and place phone orders for these Silver Creations pieces, as well as many other pieces of beautiful jewelry.

Silver Creations Jewelry from Blue SkySilver Creations Jewelry from Blue Sky